All you need to travel abroad but didn’t think about

Here is a list of the things you are going to need when travelling abroad. Some might sound strange, but you definitely need them. Even if you don’t know about it yet. Read on and take notes!

  1. Copies of your personal documents

You know that you need your boarding pass and your passport. And you know that you better not lose them. So, get prepared and only carry with you copies of those important documents. Better yet take pictures and send them to your email. You can have them in your mobile at all times. Simple as that.

  1. Little mobile pharmacy

Take with you a small box or bag with basic first aid staff. Disinfectant, antibiotics, antihistamines, bandages, painkillers etc. Lest hope you are not going to need them; but better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. Worldwide AC power adaptor

This might sound a bit too much, but you never know when you are going to need it. Especially when your mobile runs out of battery and you desperately need to charge it in your hotel room.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Well, clearly a trip abroad involves a lot of sightseeing. And a lot of walking! So, make sure you pack your sneakers. Preferable those comfortable white trainers that combine comfort and style.

  1. Backpack

Clearly you need a backpack for all your explorations abroad. In it you can put all those things that couldn’t fit in your suitcase and you need them with you at all times. Wallet, personal documents or their copies, mobile phone, camera, maps, a snack, a bottle of water, glasses and sunglasses.

  1. Plastic bags

Next time you visit the market save some plastic bags for those travelling days. They will come in handy for packing shoes and dirty clothes when you return.

  1. Cereal bars

You are abroad and you plan to see everything. You have your sport shoes on and water in your backpack. As you walk for miles and miles in order to see everything you are bound to get hungry; but at that time you are never near a restaurant or even a mini market. A cereal bar is a healthy option that can provide the energy you need to continue.

  1. Light raincoat

Weather can be unpredictable wherever you go. So, make sure you have a light raincoat with you -maybe in your backpack- just in case. It can save you if it rains and it will not take too much space in your bag when the sun comes out again! Great!


I would love to hear stories from your travels! Make sure to share your story in a reply below!

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